• What to Expect for Snow Days, Delayed Start Days or Weather-Related Early Release Days

    Student and staff safety is our first concern and decisions will be made based on the safety of all students in the District.  Parents/Guardians may choose to do what they feel is safest for their child.  If school is not cancelled but a parent or guardian feels their child should not attend, please use the normal procedure for calling in the absence to your child’s school or follow procedures for signing a student out.


    The Superintendent monitors weather forecasts, checks current conditions, works closely with the Transportation Director and designated staff in outlying areas as well as consulting County Road & Bridge to make determinations about school closures due to winter weather.  When school is cancelled, the after school care program is also cancelled as are most scheduled events for the day and evening.


    Snow Days: A determination to cancel school will be made as early as possible.  When overnight snowfall occurs that makes travel hazardous, the School Messenger system will be utilized to make calls as early as 5:45 a.m.  


    Delayed Starts:  If it is determined that the transportation of students will be safer later in the morning, the School Messenger system will be utilized to make calls as early as 6 a.m. to notify students and staff of the two hour delay.  Morning preschool will be cancelled.


    Early Release:  When weather conditions change and it is determined to release students early, the School Messenger system will be utilized to notify families approximately two hours in advance or as soon as is possible.  Generally, students will be kept through the lunch hour depending on conditions.  Afternoon preschool will be cancelled.


    Please remember that while conditions in town may not be severe, consideration is given to the safety of transporting students in outlying areas where road conditions are often more hazardous. 


    Information regarding school closures is shared with the following media:


    9 News

    BOB FM

    Channel 7

    Denver News 4







    NOTE TO STAFF – DELAYED STARTS:  While students are expected to arrive by 10:00 a.m., staff is expected to arrive two hours later than normally scheduled or as soon as it is safely possible.  Supervisors should be notified if the staff member will not arrive at the expected time or if unable to attend if it is not safe to travel.