• RE-1 Valley School District

    Child Find Services


    In keeping with federal mandates and state regulations, RE-1 Valley School District employs professionals who are trained and certified to evaluate children for which there are significant concerns in early development and educational progress.


    Referrals for screenings/evaluations may be made by any person who has concerns including parents or other family members, medical professionals, childcare providers, teachers, etc.  Evaluations are provided by the Child Find Team at no cost to the family and with written consent and participation of the parent/guardian.  Evaluations may be provided in a variety of areas including: early concepts, educational skills, social emotional functioning, speech-language skills, cognitive functioning, physical development (fine and gross motor skills), and vision and hearing screenings.


    After the evaluation, team members, including parents, meet to determine eligibility for services.  If eligible, an Individual Education Plan (IEP) is written.  The services are provided by RE-1 Valley staff and are referred to as Special Education.  This process is referred to as “Child Find” and is available to children age birth to 21. 


    Contact for Referrals to Child Find:


    Birth to 3 years old: 

    Vicki Folkerts, Children and Family Services Director

    Eastern Colorado Services

    970-526-3623 ext. 303

    Fax:  970-521-7151


    Ages 3-5 (Preschool):

    Luella Thiessen, Child Find Coordinator

    RE-1 Valley School District

    970-522-0432 ext. 2110

    Fax: 970-522-5439


    Kindergarten-12th grade:

    Contact the student’s teacher and Special Education Coordinator at the child’s school of attendance.