Jan DeLay
Our news feed informs of our security updates, but to clarify, we have additional cameras both internally and outside buildings to increase safety for students and staff. This was made possible by a state security grant awarded to RE1 Valley in 2019.
5 days ago, Jan DeLay
Jan DeLay
Hello RE-1 Valley Community! Welcome back to school! We had a great start in our first three days, and it's great to have our students back and busy in our buildings. Have a great weekend. Our new website is being loaded with all our information over the next few weeks, but so far, we love the ease with which we will be able to communicate in a timely manner with our community! With respect, Jan DeLay, Ph.D.
6 days ago, Jan DeLay
Kelly Jo Harlow
Looking for more information? Click the Menu link above the pictures.
12 days ago, Kelly Jo Harlow