WELCOME TO AYRES ELEMENTARY! We hope we can be of service to you in answering your questions or addressing your concerns.

As educators here at Ayres, we are commissioned to be molders of dreams, so others may discover their greatness. When inspiration for wonder is instilled in students through great teaching, when their dreams and the amazing possibilities of life are revealed to them, their motivation for greatness is maximized for their learning.

Through vision, mission, and core values, we build a culture that embraces the dignity of each person, so all may contribute their verses of greatness for the entire educational community. We firmly believe building positive relationships with our parents and our students will lay a foundation that will bring success for every student.

With that said, I would like to draw your attention to the second part of our mission statement: "that supports the whole child to be an independent and successful learner." We are committed to providing your child many opportunities to educate the whole student--physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We are equally committed to helping them grow to be independent and successful learners. They will be provided opportunities to explore, to take risks, to be allowed to fall down, so to speak, so they will also learn how to get back up. Like you, we will be “right there” to help them along.

I am grateful you are entrusting us to share in this journey. Please know we will take care of your child. We love children. We love teaching. We love what we do. If at any point you have questions or concerns, be mindful of our partnership and that we are building relationships with you along the way. The staff and I, then, look forward to meeting you. We look forward to our partnership. We look forward to this very important part of your child’s life.

Finally, each morning we make a choice about how we approach our day. I am challenging all of us to choose to make each day great, so we might make Ayres great. In the end, then, we will make your child’s education great!

Let’s find the greatness in each other and in our children. It doesn’t take much to reach out with a smile, a kind word, or a noble gesture, and the world begins to transform. When we assume the best intentions of others, and believe they are looking out for our best interest, we begin to see the beauty of the world.

"That the powerful play goes on, and you may contribute a verse." - Walt Whitman