Is Online Learning a Good Fit for Me?

Are you a teen parent? Do you work full-time to support a family? Do you have an illness that prevents you from attending a brick and mortar school? Do you struggle with anxiety? Are you being bullied? Do you want more independence and flexibility in your education? Have you been unsuccessful in brick and mortar classrooms? Then RE#ONE Pathways may be the right program for you. Students choose online options for a variety of reasons, but it is important to recognize that online learning is not for everyone.

The RE#ONE Pathways program requires self-motivated students along with parents/guardians who are willing to work in partnership with the Program staff.

Successful online students:

  • Are self-directed and self-motivated
  • Are independent learners who direct their own learning
  • Have good reading comprehension skills
  • Have good written communication skills
  • Are able to effectively manage their time
  • Are goal-oriented
  • Have basic to above average computer skills
  • Have good parent/guardian/mentor support

Online education does not work for everyone. This is generally not a good choice for a student who struggles with attendance in a brick and mortar environment, who struggles to complete homework and assignments, and/or who has difficulty reading.


Is online learning a good fit for you? Click on the link below and complete the self-assessment to determine if RE#ONE Pathways is a good choice. Parents and students should complete the self-assessment together.

Click here to go to the self assessment