Enrollment as a full-time student requires students to complete a minimum of 6 classes (3 credits) each semester taking a minimum of 2 classes every 6 weeks. Students must complete the designated minimum number of activities each week, and all students must agree to be on site daily until the designated minimum daily activities are completed and show as submitted on the online dashboard.

To apply for enrollment in the EDGE program, students must:

  • Be high school age and not yet 21 years of age
  • Be a Colorado resident
  • Reside in the RE-1 Valley School District and be registered as a Sterling High School student

Enrollment Process

1. Students and parents/guardians review the program information on the Sterling High School website (re1valleyschools.org).

2. Students and parents/guardians complete and submit the enrollment application – the required Student Statement of Application must be written and submitted by students (NOT parents/guardians).

3. Students complete the online enrollment assignment (to be completed and submitted by students, NOT parents/guardians).

4. Once the application and enrollment assignment are received, the student and parent/guardian will receive an email invitation to attend a REQUIRED orientation session. Orientation sessions will be held weekly on Tuesday beginning at 3:00 pm in the EDGE classroom at HAGEN. Parents/guardians are REQUIRED to attend the orientation with their student.

5. Once verification of attendance at an orientation session is received, a guidance appointment with the EDGE director will be scheduled. This appointment will include a review of the student’s transcript and the development of a graduation plan. Parents/guardians are encouraged to attend this appointment, but it is not required.

6. Upon completion of the guidance appointment, students will be fully enrolled and will begin attending on the following Tuesday.

7. Students who do not complete the application and enrollment process prior to week 4 of a term will not begin attending until the start of the next term.

EDGE Online Application

Online Enrollment Assignment