Picture Day

Retakes for pIctures are Thursday, November 18th from 8-8:30 a.m.

This is for all students new to the school since Oct 5th or who were absent on that day as well as for those who need a retake.  

RETAKES - If your portrait needs retaking
We encourage retakes for photographs that have technical flaws such as eyes closed or partially closed, off-center, noticeably poor expression, or flawed prints.

YOUR COMPLETE ORIGINAL PACKAGE must be turned in to the photographer at the time of retakes. 

Please write on the packaging envelope your reason for wanting a retake. This will help us do a better job for you.

Order envelopes were sent home with students already.  You can preorder and pay online with a debit/credit card at   Skillman Photography and enter our School Code  STERM2021.