May 23, 2019



FFA Officer Meeting today during lunch.


Do not let students out of class until they are scheduled to clean their lockers!

1st period

2nd period

3rd period

4th period

5th period

6th period

7th period

7th Graders will clean out lockers

8th Graders will clean out lockers

9th Graders will clean out lockers

10th Graders will clean out lockers

11th Graders will clean out lockers


@ 2:20 p.m. students will report to the following classrooms to elect class officers for next year

Mrs. Schneider & Mr. Hoppe

Mrs. Higgs & Mr. Monheiser

Mr. Lambrecht & Mrs. Schneider

Mr. Roth & Mr. Thomas

Mrs. Higgs & Mr. Lambrecht


@ 2:20

7th Graders

8th Graders

9th Graders

10th Graders

11th Graders

**All Class Officer Lists –return to Office following elections

Mr. Thomas’s Ag Classroom

Ms. Zaba’s Classroom

Mr. Monheiser’s Classroom

Mrs. Lambrecht’s Classroom

Mrs. Willis’s Business Classroom

8th Period

We will begin checking out 11th Graders (who don’t owe any money) @ 3:20.  Students will be called to the office when they are to be checked out!


**Students who are checked out & don’t owe any money, do not need to return to school on Friday morning!