Principal Shannon Holloway

Warm greetings to all of you as we embark on another exciting school year!

It is with great pleasure that I extend a heartfelt welcome to both new and returning families. We are thrilled to have your children join us for a year filled with discovery, learning, and fun. At Ayres, we believe in fostering a nurturing and engaging environment where every child can thrive.

Our dedicated team of educators is committed to providing a comprehensive educational experience that nurtures not only academic growth but also social and emotional development. Through a blend of innovative teaching techniques, interactive lessons, and hands-on activities, we aim to instill a love for learning that will last a lifetime.

At Ayres Elementary, we value collaboration between teachers, families, and students. We encourage open communication and invite you to be active participants in your child's education journey. Whether it's attending parent-teacher conferences, joining us for a family engagement night, or simply engaging in conversations with your child about their day, your involvement makes a signifcant difference.

Throughout the year, your child can look forward to various exciting events, such as school assemblies, field trips, themed weeks, and more. These experiences not only enhance your child's education but also create lasting memories and friendships.

Please keep an eye out for important communications from the school including flyers, Dojo notes, emails, or phone calls, event invitations, and updates. Our school website and Facebook platform will also serve as valuable resources for staying connected and informed.

If you ever have any questions, concerns, or ideas, please don't hesitate to reach out to our dedicated administrative team or your child's teacher. We are here to support you and your child every step of the way.

Here's to a year filled with growth, exploration, and success!

Warm regards,

Shannon Holloway, Principal