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How do I apply for PreSchool at RE-1 Valley?

Submitting an application does not guarantee placement.  Please read all the information below. Preschoolers are placed based on eligibility factors and must complete the application process to be considered for the program.  

Questions? Please contact 970-522-0432


  • Children aged 3 or 4 on or before July 1st

  • Children transitioning from Part C to Part B are eligible on their 3rd birthday

  • Children who have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP)


We have two sites with varying schedules

  • Hagen Early Education Center in Sterling, Colorado offers two half-day (3 hours) preschool sessions Tuesday through Friday.

    • AM 8:00-11:00

    • PM 12:00-3:00

  • Caliche Little Buffs in Iliff, Colorado offers an AM session only (8:00-11:00) with an extended day option.


  • Children may qualify for no-cost preschool through the Colorado Preschool Program or Special Education funding.

  • Families may also pay preschool tuition.


2022-2023 rates are as follows:

  • $220 per month for the 3-hour program

    1. Any age-eligible child may apply for a tuition-based placement

    2. Availability dependent on space

    3. If space is unavailable, your child will be placed on a waitlist


A child must be age 3 or 4 by July 1. A 3-year-old must have three eligibility factors to qualify, and a 4-year-old must have one eligibility factor to qualify. The eligibility factors include:

  • Eligibility for free or reduced-price meals

  • Homelessness of the child’s family

  • An abusive adult residing in the home of the child (present or past)

  • Drug or alcohol abuse in the child’s family (present or past)

  • Either parent of the child was less than eighteen years of age and unmarried at the time of the birth of the child

  • The child’s parent or guardian has not successfully completed a high school education or its equivalent

  • Frequent relocation by the child’s family to new residences

  • Poor social skills of the child

  • Child in need of language development, including the ability to speak English

  • Receiving services from the Department of Human Services as a neglected or dependent child.


State and Federal mandated program for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds who, based on an evaluation, demonstrate a significant delay in 1 or more areas of development (intellectual, communication, physical/motor, social/emotional, etc.) and meet the eligibility criteria for an educational disability. 

Parents/Guardians should contact the Child Find program if they have significant concerns about their child at 970-522-0792 ext. 210


Once a child has completed the application process, including developmental screenings, and all required paperwork has been submitted to Hagen Early Education Center, eligibility will be determined and the child will be placed in a classroom or on the waitlist.  When an opening becomes available for which the child is eligible, parents will be contacted to complete registration/enrollment at Hagen Early Education Center at an appointed date/time. Please keep your contact information current so we are able to reach you.

Required enrollment paperwork includes:

  • All completed paperwork included in the enrollment packet

  • Birth Certificate

  • Up-to-date immunization record

The child will not be able to start until all requirements are met.

The following records are required within 30 days of enrollment.

  • A Physician signed Health Form / Well Child Check


Children who are in the program as 3-year-olds and will be returning as a 4-year-old do not need to apply again unless they are currently tuition-based and would like to apply for the Colorado Preschool Program. A re-enrollment packet will be sent home to be completed and returned before March 31st.

Parents of children who are on the waitlist as a 3-year-old will receive a packet of paperwork to update. Once the completed paperwork is received at Hagen Early Education Center, the file will be considered complete and the child will be considered for placement for the following school year.

Please stop in to the Hagen Early Education office to pick up your child's application.

*Eligibility and Placements within certain funding sources are limited.

Apply soon! The RE-1 Valley Preschool Program is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year.