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Michael Montjano
SWAP Coordinator
970-522-0972 ext. 1242
Dr. Martin Foster
Interim Superintendent
970-522-0792 ext. 1245
Ronald Marostica
Assistant Superintendent
(970)522-0792 ext. 1230
Debra County
Interim CFO
970-522-0792 ext.1226
Elizabeth Mauler
Student Services Director
(970)522-0792 ext. 1240
Dalaina Alsup
Speech/Language Pathologist
Janine Balenti
Student Achievement Coach
Annette Birgenheir
Speech/Language Pathologist
Cheryl Brown
Administrative Assistant/SPED Records
(970)522-0792 ext. 1243
Kristy Chavez
SPED Student Services
970-522-0792 ext. 1244
Sandra Clarkson
Transition Coordinator
David Davidson
A/P Accountant
970-522-0792 ext. 1228
Michelle Erb
Executive Admin Asst. to Supt. & Board of Education
970-522-0792 ext 1245
Heather Forster
Payroll Accountant
970-522-0792 x1227
Kelly Jo Harlow
Receptionist-Secretary to the Board
(970)522-0792 ext.1202
Tabitha Held
District Nurse RN, BSN
970-522-0792 ext. 1223
Margaret (Peg) Hershfeldt
Admin Asst to Asst. Supt
(970)522-0792 ext. 1221
Erin Gemaehlich
Occupational Therapist
Tessa Heller
Teacher of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing
Rodney Karg
Tech Specialist
(970)522-0792 ext. 1233