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    The Results are In

    During the 2017-2018 school year RE-1 Valley School District participated in the Data Burden Survey from the Education Data Advisory Committee (EDAC). Within the data burden survey report, EDAC made suggestions for a collaborative path forward to address the reporting burden to local education agencies. 


    Recommendations were made to:

    • eliminate or adjust  four low-benefit/duplicative collections and the associated legislation or rule
    • conduct regular reviews of reporting requirements
    • continue only with thoughtful deliberation on any new data requirement and
    • consider ways to ease data burden, including a voluntary statewide student information system. 


    Two major findings were made:

    • A larger proportion of rural districts’ overall budgets are utilized for reporting than nonrural districts. For every $1,000 in earned revenue, rural districts devote $5.67 towards data submissions where non-rural districts spend $2.85.
    • Costs to submit the major collections has increase 53% in the 20-year period from 1998 to 2018  (The number of major collections has increased from five to 15 (200%) in that time frame).


    Read the Report


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District Info



    The RE-1 Valley School District and the Board of Education

     OUR MISSION :   “Preparing Each Student Today for Tomorrow.” 


    RE-1 Valley School District’s vision creates a quality learning environment which provides: 

    - respect and value for individual students 
    - innovative and effective teaching, and instructional delivery methods to meet student needs
    - curriculum, programs and technology that prepare students for the 21ST-Century skills of: 

    ♦ Critical Thinking – Think Deep, Think Differently 
    ♦ Collaboration – Work Together, Learn Together
    ♦ Information Literacy - Untangle the Web
    ♦ Invention – Create Solutions
    ♦ Self Direction – Own Your Learning

     The RE-1 Valley School District will be a place where the trust level encourages a climate of growth to meet new challenges. 




Assessment Info

  • CMAS Testing Schedule

    CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) assessments are required by the State of Colorado and meet Federal Requirements. Data collected is used to determine student achievement, growth and school accreditation.

    RE-1 CMAS Assessment Schedule

    To be compliant with state regulation, this page will have an Assessment calendar containing (1) the state and local assessments that the district will administer during the school year; (2) whether the assessment is required by federal law and/or state law or is required by the district; (3) the “anticipated” calendar for administering state and district assessments; (4) the “purposes” of the state and district assessments; and (5) the “manner” in which the results will be used by the district and the Colorado Department of Education. C.R.S. 22-7-1013(7)(a)

    Testing Information from CDE  

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