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Serving the communities of Sterling, Atwood, Padroni, Iliff and Crook in Logan County, Colorado

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School Bus

RE-1 is starting a Bus Task Force whose purpose is to evaluate current busing procedures, examine equity and safety for all students and help attract and retain qualified bus drivers.  


We will hold an organizational meeting the first week of May. 


If you are interested in being part of this Task Force please email Kelly Jo Harlow at  by 4:00 pm April 28, 2017.  



You're Invited The Board of Education will hold a Public Forum/Workshop at the Hagen Administration Center on Monday April 24, 2017 at 6:00 pm. 

The purpose of the meeting is to take an in depth look at proposed budget cuts. 



 A Letter from Dr. DeLay dated March 14, 2017


  • RE-1 Valley School District at a Glance



    The RE-1 Valley School District and the Board of Education

     OUR MISSION :   “Preparing Each Student Today for Tomorrow.” 


    RE-1 Valley School District’s vision creates a quality learning environment which provides: 

    - respect and value for individual students 
    - innovative and effective teaching, and instructional delivery methods to meet student needs
    - curriculum, programs and technology that prepare students for the 21ST-Century skills of: 

    ♦ Critical Thinking – Think Deep, Think Differently 
    ♦ Collaboration – Work Together, Learn Together
    ♦ Information Literacy - Untangle the Web
    ♦ Invention – Create Solutions
    ♦ Self Direction – Own Your Learning

     The RE-1 Valley School District will be a place where the trust level encourages a climate of growth to meet new challenges. 



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    Some of the Lowest Remediation Rates in the State!
    Data released from the Colorado Department of Higher Education in June 2016 reveal 2014 Caliche graduates have the 4th lowest remediation rates in the state, at 6.7% , and Sterling High graduates required remediation rates lower than many charter schools at 18.18%.  The state average college remediation rates for the 2014 graduating class are 34.5%.  The state measures the number of students enrolled in Colorado Colleges and Universities who must take remedial courses that do not count toward graduation in order to perform at the college level. 


    *NEW* Continued Improvement in College Readiness and Performance

    District at a Glance
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