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Serving the communities of Sterling, Atwood, Padroni, Iliff and Crook in Logan County, Colorado

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     RE-1 Valley School District at a Glance


    The RE-1 Valley School District and the Board of Education

     OUR MISSION :   “Preparing Each Student Today for Tomorrow.” 


    RE-1 Valley School District’s vision creates a quality learning environment which provides: 

    - respect and value for individual students 
    - innovative and effective teaching, and instructional delivery methods to meet student needs
    - curriculum, programs and technology that prepare students for the 21ST-Century skills of: 

    ♦ Critical Thinking – Think Deep, Think Differently 
    ♦ Collaboration – Work Together, Learn Together
    ♦ Information Literacy - Untangle the Web
    ♦ Invention – Create Solutions
    ♦ Self Direction – Own Your Learning

     The RE-1 Valley School District will be a place where the trust level encourages a climate of growth to meet new challenges. 




District Info


                                  Strong Schools, Strong Community  

    Reciprocal benefits of a strong school district and a strong community

    • Staff supports businesses
    • Well educated students create a stronger citizenry
    • Communities with quality schools have lower crime rates
    • Better educated citizens make better employees

    Partnerships between the City of Sterling and RE-1 Valley School District:

    • Past 20 years: South Platte Youth Football, ( volleyball clubs, soccer clubs, softball/baseball clubs)
    • With SPYFL alone: 400 youth playing every Saturday; families shopping at Sterling businesses, buying gasoline eating at our restaurants, etc.
    • Youth city league uses facilities of RE-1 Valley as part of our MOU with the City of Sterling. These activities bring out families and help bring business to the town.

    Recent additions to Career and Tech Ed opportunities:

    • Adding Agriculture extensions such as Hydroponics and Drone aviation
    • Digital Photography
    • Digital Art
    • Maker Space (3D Printers)
    • `Cold Vinyl Printers (making signs, teaching how to manage a business)
    • Engraving
    • Student Internships (Click here for list)

    Points of Pride:

    • 2 Boettcher Scholarship Finalists this year
    • State and National champions in FBLA, FFA, Science and Engineering, Music, Visual Arts, Drama, and Athletics
    • Award winning Students in the Arts (Music, Band, Visual Arts)

    Key Accomplishments:

    • 83.3% graduation rate; 90% completion rate (longer than 4 years)
    • 70.5% of graduates enrolled in postsecondary education
    • 94.3% retention rate at 4-year institutions for RE-1 Valley grads
    • 80% of Junior and Seniors enrolled in at least one College Concurrent Enrollment Courses
    • 74% of students participating in two or more co-curricular activities
    • All Schools’ Performance Frameworks at highest level state assigns


      We made the top 50!                               
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    2005 Mill Levy Expenditures by year.

    2005 Mill Levy Expenditures in 2018.

Assessment Info

  • CMAS Testing Schedule

    CMAS (Colorado Measures of Academic Success) assessments are required by the State of Colorado and meet Federal Requirements. Data collected is used to determine student achievement, growth and school accreditation.

    CMAS Assessment Schedule

    To be compliant with state regulation, this page will have an Assessment calendar containing (1) the state and local assessments that the district will administer during the school year; (2) whether the assessment is required by federal law and/or state law or is required by the district; (3) the “anticipated” calendar for administering state and district assessments; (4) the “purposes” of the state and district assessments; and (5) the “manner” in which the results will be used by the district and the Colorado Department of Education. C.R.S. 22-7-1013(7)(a)

    Testing Information from CDE  


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