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Contact Information: Assistant Superintendent: Administrative Assistant:Ron Marostica Peg Hershfeldt
970-522-0792 ext. 1230 970-522-0792 ext. 1221

Hagen Administration Center
301 Hagen Street
Sterling, CO 80751

State and Federal Programs:

Designated Purpose Fund Grants provide additional funds for school districts. RE-1 Valley is involved in several of these programs. These funds are usually supplemental in nature and enhance existing General Fund programs.


State Programs include:
Colorado Preschool Program, Georgia Sanders
Colorado Vocational Act

Federal Programs include:
Title I, Part A, Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
Title II, Teacher and Principal Training and Recruiting
Title III, Part A, Language Instruction for LEP and Immigrant Students
Title III, Set-Aside for Increases in Immigrant Children and Youth (if eligible)
Title IV, Education of the whole child
Please contact us for more information on these programs at 970-522-0792 ext. 1221