school security

Dear RE-1 Valley Parents and Community,

The district-wide safety and security system has been updated. Parents and visitors to the buildings after the morning bell will need to ring the buzzer connected to the school office to gain entry into our school buildings. Signs are posted at each building with clear directions for your convenience. The office personnel will ask your name and purpose of your visit prior to welcoming you into the building. After entering the building, please sign in at the office.

Additionally, the following paragraph has been added to our RE-1 Valley policies to inform and direct guidance for the use of our new video surveillance cameras in our schools:

Our RE-1 Board of Education recognizes that maintaining the safety and security of students, staff and district property is best implemented with a multifaceted approach. To the extent that modern electronic technologies such as video surveillance cameras assist in providing another tool to establish and maintain safe environments, the use of electronic technologies is supported by the Board of Education. The use of electronic technologies shall be in accordance with applicable state and federal laws pertaining to such use.